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Our organization is a non-profit Licensed Foster Care and Adoption agency that works directly with Child Protective Services to find homes for children who have been abused, neglected or exploited. As foster and adoptive parents ourselves; we recognized the incredible need for safe and loving foster or adoptive homes for these children.

  • Upcoming Training and Events

    • Foster Parent Training – Pride

      Oct 29, 2016
      10:00am - Evening

      Training Day Information: Training for this day will be at our  Children’s Home in Austin, TX. The address will be emailed to you the week of training in order to protect the children that live there.   Please bring notebook, pen, something to drink and 2 potluck dishes to share for lunch AND…..


    • Foster and Adopted Children’s Christmas Party

      Dec 10, 2016
      Noon - 5:00pm

      All Children, foster or adopted, in our homes are invited and encourage to attend.  This is our largest celebration and we are so excited to share this time with you.


  • From the Blog

    • Congratulations on the Cortez Adoption!

      October 3, 2016

      We are so proud to say that we have completed yet another adoption! Every day we see these people come together and become a family brings a smile to our faces. This is our job, and sometimes it is difficult, but seeing these kids so happy always makes it worth…..

    • Congrats on the Stewart Adoption!

      September 28, 2016

      We are so happy to tell of the Stewart adoption! These lovely children deserve good homes and loving families, and we are very glad to see them get exactly that. If you have interest in becoming a adoptive parent, we are all so excited to help you. We would love to answer any questions…..

    • The Patino Adoption Day

      September 14, 2016

      Congrats on the Patino adoption! We at Familylink are so glad to see the Patino Family adopting this wonderful child, and we wish them a great life together, with lots of love and happiness! If you have interest in becoming a adoptive parent, we are all so excited to help you. We love…..

    • Congrats on the Johansen Adoption!

      September 13, 2016

      Congrats on the Johansen adoption! We’re so glad to have so many wonderful families that are willing to give these marvelous children a new home! After lots of hard work, we get to see the smiles on everyone’s faces when these children finally get the loving homes they deserve. If you have interest in…..


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