Volunteers Needed: Playground Prep Work Day!

Aug 23, 2018 8:30-5:00

We are needing volunteers to help with the prep work prior to the start of build day on Saturday.  We need people to unload the materials from trucks, cut wood, get things set up, pour cement, etc… minimum of 40 volunteers are needed and we still have not reached that goal.  Please check with your office to see if they will grant a community service day to help out this Thursday.

Legacy Ranch is home to 76 kids and our foster family retreat center. Our children have been starved, beaten and unloved and this is your chance to step into their lives to bring joy! Make time for them and attend Thursday, Aug. 23rd at 8:30 and Saturday, Aug. 25th at 8:00 am for our extreme playground makeover!  Please contact Stacy at stacy@familylinkkids.com or call 830-875-6062.

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